Tank (002)

Tank Monitor

The FieldWise Tank Monitor is designed to monitor the level of a tank by providing real-time updates via the FieldWise Portal.  Additionally, the Tank Monitor supports solar and communication to other FieldWise products.

The Tank Monitor supports both 120VAC and 12VDC (Solar) inputs, and the ability to monitor pressure at the bottom of the tank by using a pressure transducer.

The Tank Monitor will execute an action, triggered by the Warnings and Alarms, which are set up in the device settings.  The operator can configure the Tank Monitor to trigger alerts to be sent for High and Low Warnings.


  • Simple design, easy to install
  • Modular Smart Radio
  • Custom Configurations
  • Solar Panel included by default but may use external power
  • For storage tanks
  • Requires a pressure transducer

The percentage full depends on full feet (height of tank), full gallons, full volts (transducer input when tank is full), and empty volts (transducer input when tank is empty).

Once the information is entered under the device settings, the Tank Monitor can indicate percentage full, and configure alarms and warnings.


“The ability to monitor my chemigation tank is very helpful. It gives me piece of mind knowing I have enough left in the tank without having to drive out to check it, plus it alerts me when the tank gets low, so I can make sure I have enough to finish.”

Chad Schwager – Royal, Nebraska