T-L Computer Controller

FieldWise and T-L Irrigation’s Engineering Department have worked closely and continue to develop telemetry products specifically for T-L. The T-L Computer Controller works with a Precision Point PPC III or Precision Touch PPT systems.


  • Designed specifically for T-L Pivots
  • Simple design, easy to install
  • Modular Smart Radio
  • Integrated radio module
  • More efficient and compact surge protectors
  • Extra protection with rectifiers and isolators
  • 10-60VDC or 24VAC Power


“With FieldWise I have the ability to monitor and control my T-L pivots. I especially like how I can control my endgun and change direction. It’s nice seeing all my pivots from the FieldWise App, and getting text alerts when they shut down or anything changes. If I have a problem with a monitor or pivot, FieldWise always answers my call, and gets out to evaluate and fix the problem right away.”

Travis Sprout – Bartlett, Nebraska