T-L Basic Controller

FieldWise and T-L Irrigations Engineering Department have worked closely and continue to develop telemetry products specifically for T-L. The T-L Basic Controller can be mounted at the end tower, if you have span cable ran on a Point Control, Precision Point Control or Linear Systems at Tractor pivots. With this installation you can monitor running, stopped, pivot angle, travel direction and water pressure. You can control the endgun and if you have extra cable the aux relay and stop.

The T-L Basic Controller can also be installed at the Alan Bradley panel with a wireless connection to a Remote GPS; which is mounted on the end tower for positioning.  The T-L Basic Controller works with a Main Control, Point Control, or Precision Point Control system.  It monitors run status, position, direction, and pressure.  You can also control the end gun, aux, start, stop, and pump.  The Remote GPS is sold separately.


  • Designed specifically for T-L Pivots
  • Simple design, easy to install
  • Modular Smart Radio
  • Integrated radio module
  • More efficient and compact surge protectors
  • Compatible with a Solar Powered Remote GPS
  • Extra protection with rectifiers and isolators
  • 10-60VDC or 24VAC Power


“I like the piece of mind of knowing when the system shut down, especially if something serious happens to your pivot. Being able to start and stop my T-L pivot remotely means less driving around checking pivots at night. The stop pad feature is convenient to use instead of sending a stop commands and I love that I can view all of my pivots at any time through the FieldWise App. I highly recommend FieldWise to anyone looking to monitor center pivots.”

Les Anson – Brunswick, Nebraska