Pump/Flow Monitor

The FieldWise Pump/Flow monitor works with combustion engines and electric pumps. It is also compatible with various flow meters to give you access to the flow data remotely on the FieldWise Portal. The Pump/Flow monitor can be custom configured for commands to be sent to any other device on your account, such as an end tower pivot monitor. In the event your pivot would shut down, a command would be sent from the portal to stop the pump.


  • Works on any combustion engine or electric pump
  • Simple design, easy to install
  • Modular Smart Radio
  • Custom Configurations
  • Can power from 12-60VDC or 24VAC


“The pump/flow monitor provides simplicity in turning my well on and off, especially when multiple pivots depend on the well running. I like having the ability to shut off the well independently of the pivot. I definitely recommend FieldWise to anyone looking to monitor/control a pump.”

Travis Sprout – Bartlett, Nebraska