Nano Solar

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The FieldWise Nano is a first-in-class product line that incorporates a modular design focused on using a “core” board for an entry level monitor, which virtually anyone can install.

  • Includes free first year subscription.
  • Yearly required subscription following first year: $115/device.
  • FieldWise Products are licensed and require a paid/active subscription every year.
  • Reports every 1-2 hours

Product Includes

  1. Nano Solar unit
  2. Mounting hardware

Pressure Sensors are sold separately and can be configured when ordering

**Should not be used on pivots that move less than 5%

**Should not be used on electric pivots. You need to order a wired Nano Basic

Key Features

  1. Solar Powered
  2. Mounts on top of the pivot pipe over span cable
  3. Gives you basic monitoring from the end of the system – refer to the Nano product page for a full list of

When you receive your Nano simply open up the box and scan the QR code on the side of the unit. This will take you to the instruction manual on how to setup and install the product.