Moisture Probe Reader

The FieldWise Moisture Probe Reader is capable of collecting and logging data from moisture probes. The data is read every 15 minutes from the attached probe and transmitted every hour to the FieldWise Portal. We’ve collaborated with agronomists to provide the data you need in interactive, user-friendly charts. Your agronomist can maintain proper communication in regards to your crop health via text message and email.

FieldWise is an authorized reseller for Aquacheck sub-surface soil moisture probes. The capacitance-based soil moisture probes come in lengths of 24” (6 sensors) and 40” (6 or 10 sensors). The FieldWise Moisture Probe Reader is utilized for transmission of the information to the FieldWise Portal.


  • It is compatible with Sentek and Aquacheck probes.
  • Integrated solar panel
  • Can pair with weather sensors (rain bucket, external temp-pressure-humidity sensor, solar radiation, anemometer)
  • Can pair with a pivot monitor for irrigation management
  • Readings every 15 minutes
  • Responsive and interactive graphs
  • Novice and Expert Modes
  • Probe notices from Agronomists
  • Easy to install with use of a t-post
  • A capacitance based continuous logging probe
  • Up to 10 soil moisture and temperature sensors, depending on the probe length

FieldWise Weather Station

The FieldWise Weather Station is comprised of the FieldWise Moisture Probe Reader, FieldWise Temp-Pressure-Humidity Sensor and a Davis Rain Bucket, Anemometer and Solar Radiation Sensor. The weather station is compatible with Weather Underground.

Get real time weather data for your farm to help make better decisions when irrigating.


  • Readings every 15 minutes
  • Reports in data every hour
  • Responsive and interactive graphs
  • Easy to install with the use of a t-post or EMT


“The moisture probes takes a lot of the guess work out of irrigating during the season. If the moisture probes says I need to water more it typically results in a higher yield. I like how user friendly the FieldWise portal is, and how I can manage all my devices from one spot. FieldWise is always willing to find a solution to any problem I encounter on my operation.”

Kenny Reinke – Neligh, Nebraska

“The moisture probe teaches me how to manage soil profile better than the traditional way of doing it. It’s amazing seeing the soil water holding capacity and how fast it can change after a rain or irrigation event. I recommend FieldWise for anyone wanting to use a moisture probe.”

Dennis Doerr – Bloomfield, Nebraska