Pivot Monitors

Do I own my FieldWise pivot monitor?

The simple answer is yes. You can even sell your device to others, but make sure you use the transfer form provided by FieldWise. FieldWise will also send out a copy of a zero’ d out invoice indicating the party that took over the monitor. The new party will receive the subscription renewal with a reference to the previous owner. If you no longer need a device and do not wish to sell it to another, we ask that you return it to FieldWise or your dealer for storage or recycling. We will provide the device back to you when you have use for it.  FieldWise does not lease products.

Our products include proprietary software code, and we are required to license our products in order to legally protect them and our users. Licensing is common in the tech industry and often used interchangeably with selling a product. The license prohibits unusual and harmful use with our products and services, such as interfering with the network or reverse engineering a device. We prefer to be as specific as possible in our terms and refer to the purchase as a “lifetime license” to use FieldWise products and services in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Do you have a pivot monitor that works on a computer panel?

Yes. FieldWise is the only pivot monitor manufacturer that has a pivot monitor for computer panels from all major pivot manufacturers. If you do not have a computer panel, FieldWise monitors work with virtually any pivot in existence.

If I have control features on my pivot monitor, what happens if a communication tower goes down?

FieldWise units can continue to control your pivot according to your last instructions without the need to have communication with any server.

What happens with my FieldWise pivot monitor when cellular carriers changed their technology?

FieldWise pivot monitors have a modular design that allows the communication board to easily be changed. Included with our FieldWise Advantage program is our promise to provide a new communication board at no cost.

Can a FieldWise pivot monitor crash a pivot?

No. FieldWise pivot monitors were designed so that during a malfunction the pivot will continue to operate safely and have never been found to cause a pivot to wreck. Unlike some other monitors in the industry, FieldWise monitors work with your existing safety system and do not replace it. Even on neutral-safety pivots with start, FieldWise does not alter the safety circuit to be a hot-safety.

I have a basic Reinke pivot and want to start it, can FieldWise start it without changing the neutral-safety to a hot-safety?

Yes. FieldWise can start any Reinke pivot without the need to alter the safety circuit.

Does FieldWise share or sell my data?

We value your privacy and will not share or sell your data with others unless you expressly authorize us to do so.

What is covered under the warranty?

FieldWise pivot monitors have an industry best two-year warranty on FieldWise manufactured parts. Batteries and transducers have a 1-year warranty. An installation form must be completed for warranty coverage. Please contact your dealer or FieldWise if you see a banner under your pivot details stating Contact Dealer: No Installation forms.

If I am not satisfied with FieldWise can I trade in my unit to a competitor?

FieldWise products and services are the best in the industry which is why less than 0.09% of our customers ever switch to a competing unit. In the unlikely even that you are not satisfied with FieldWise or your reseller, you can switch to a competitor unit, but the FieldWise equipment must be returned to FieldWise or your reseller. If you are thinking of switching, reach out to us to tell us why. We will even give you any competitor unit we have in stock.


Moisture Probes

Do I own my FieldWise moisture probe setup?

FieldWise moisture setups are typically sold through dealers and your agreement with your dealer will determine the ownership of the setup. Please contact your dealer for details.

What is the warranty on the AquaCheck probe I bought through FieldWise?

AquaCheck stands behinds its products and offers an industry best 40-month warranty.  FieldWise offers the 40” 10 sensor probe and 40” 6 sensor probes from AquaCheck.

What types of probes work with the FieldWise moisture probe logger?

FieldWise moisture probe readers support virtually any SDI-12 capacitance probe, including AquaCheck, Sentek, and Hydrascout. Additionally, FieldWise moisture probe readers support Irrometer Watermark and temperature sensors (up to 5). FieldWise moisture probe readers can be connected to both capacitance probes and Watermark probes at the same time.

Does FieldWise offer the ability to share probe data with other systems?

Yes. FieldWise has an API to allow companies that you authorized to access your data. FieldWise will never share or sell your data without your permission.

Will I lose data if the FieldWise probe reader cannot connect to the network?

FieldWise moisture probe readers have memory and can store an entire season of data. If a moisture probe reader cannot connect to the network due to something like a local power outage the readings are stored and sent to the server once a connection is established