Real Farmers, Real Experiences Field Day


Hosted by Paulman Farms and NEWBA, Sutherland, NE

Over 200 people attended this two day event at Paulman Farms south of Sutherland NE to see leading edge irrigation management technologies on a working farm. Brian Klawinski, Ken Kruntorad and Jared Kruntorad displayed products with real time data generated on actual farms at the FieldWise vendor station. Farmers using this technology shared their opinion of what works and what needs to be improved for widespread adoption.

Brandon Christiansen (Plainview NE) participated in the panel discussing his experience with FieldWise, and the advantages using technology has brought to his farm.

Other speakers included a panel discussing future directions for water management from a local producer level to a global perspective. Managers from 7 Natural Resourse Districts shared the unique challenges they face in their particular river basins and the strategies being implemented to address these challenges. The use of technology on the farm allows for practical water management and can help ensure water for generations to come.


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