FieldWise Z5 Universal Computer Panel

Retro-fit your existing basic panel with the first in class universal 5" capacitive touch screen computer panel. To learn more click below.

Z5 Computer Panel

FieldWise Controllers for Computer Panels

FieldWise is the only company to interface with every type of pivot computer panel. There is no need to gut your panel, put out a new panel or lose functionality (if you add an end tower unit). You have full control of your pivot remotely. To learn more about the different types of panels our unit can interface with, click below.

Computer Panel Controllers

FieldWise End Tower Unit

The FieldWise Z5-ET (End Tower) unit is the next generation of Zempat end tower units. The first universal remote telemetry unit truly designed to handle multiple aspects of your farming business. With an integrated radio module, it creates endless possibilities for in-field machine to machine communication. To learn more click on the link.